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Creating a custom-built home in the heart of San Francisco is an opportunity to craft a space that’s as vibrant and dynamic as the city itself. At Lavanus, we offer a symphony of construction expertise and creative design to bring your unique vision of a San Francisco home to life. Our custom-built solutions are intricately tailored to meet the distinct needs and desires of each client, ensuring that every project reflects the individuality of its owner.

In the bustling urban canvas of San Francisco, your home is your sanctuary. It’s where contemporary design meets personal comfort, where every detail from the layout to the finishes is a testament to your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Lavanus is committed to transforming these ideals into a tangible reality, with over three decades of dedicated experience in the Bay Area. We navigate the city’s distinctive architectural landscape and regulations with finesse, blending innovation with time-honored craftsmanship to create homes that are not only structures but stories of our client's lives.

Our process is collaborative and transparent, starting with a thorough consultation to understand your goals and aspirations. We consider every aspect — from the panoramic views of the city skyline to the artisanal finishes that define modern luxury. As we embark on the journey of constructing your custom-built masterpiece in San Francisco, Lavanus stands as not just your builder, but your partner, adviser, and steadfast supporter every step of the way.

Embark on this bespoke building adventure with Lavanus, and let us elevate your vision into a San Francisco home that's as extraordinary as the city it resides in.


In the heart of San Francisco, where every street and building tells a story, Lavanus Construction crafts narratives through our custom builds that are as diverse and compelling as the city itself. Here's how we stand out:


1. Personalized Architectural Storytelling: Every Lavanus custom build in San Francisco is more than just a structure; it's a narrative woven into the urban tapestry. We listen to the stories our clients want to tell through their homes — stories of innovation, sustainability, or family heritage — and translate them into architectural reality. This storytelling approach ensures each project is imbued with a sense of place and personal history that resonates with the vibrancy of San Francisco.

2. Harmonious City Integration: Understanding the soul of San Francisco is crucial to our work. Lavanus projects don't just stand out; they blend in harmoniously with the city's eclectic character. We navigate the unique blend of Victorian and modern, the iconic hills, and the diverse neighborhoods to ensure our custom builds are a natural extension of the city’s legacy, providing clients with a home that is both a sanctuary and a seamless part of the city's fabric.

outside of custom build home in san francisco ca
outside floor plan of custom build  san francisco ca
open floor plan custom build san francisco ca


Fahid and Moein are a father and son team who have built a successful one-stop-shop construction company in San Francisco California. Fahid founded the company in 1982, and in 2016, Moein took over as the company's leader, bringing a fresh perspective and a unique construction approach. Together, they have grown the company to be the fastest-growing construction company in the area.


custom house of custom build services san francisco ca


At Lavanus, we tailor every facet of your custom home to embody the essence of your personal vision, creating an exclusive San Francisco sanctuary that stands out as your signature in the cityscape.

home construction custom build services san francisco ca


Our renovation projects are transformative experiences, meticulously upgrading and infusing your existing San Francisco space with renewed purpose, modernity, and bespoke elegance that resonate with your evolving lifestyle

additional space custom build services in san francisco ca


Whether it's expanding your San Francisco home with a sunlit office, a serene yoga studio, or a playful recreation room, Lavanus excels in seamlessly integrating extra rooms that enrich your living experience and elevate your home’s functionality.



Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions


Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions


Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions

Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions


Uncover the TRUE cost

  • Book FREE Consult

  • Meet at Lavan's Sunnyvale showroom

  • Project discussion and assessment

  • City ordinance and permit analysis


Site Inspection

  • Site visit for additional details

  • Price review and adjustments


Formal Agreement

  • Presentation of Lavan's official offer

  • Contract and details presentation

  • Agreement signing

  • Project start date scheduling


Smooth Execution

  • Create a Slack channel

  • Continue all communication on the platform

  • Homeowner enjoys a smooth project experience


Interior and Exterior Finishes

  • Exterior Work

  • Interior Finishes


Quality Control, Inspections, and Client Handover

  • Quality Assurance

  • Regulatory Inspections

  • Client Walkthrough

  • Documentation and Handover


1. What is a custom build construction project?

A custom build construction project is a personalized approach to creating a unique and tailor-made building or home that meets the specific requirements, preferences, and vision of the client.

2. How does a custom build differ from other construction methods?

Unlike standardized construction methods, a custom build allows clients to have full control over the design, layout, materials, and features of their project, resulting in a highly customized and one-of-a-kind end product.

3. What types of projects are suitable for custom builds?

Custom builds are suitable for various types of projects, including custom homes, commercial properties, renovations, and additions. Essentially, any project where personalization and uniqueness are desired can benefit from a custom build approach.




Lavan is a family run business.  Throughout our project we met most of the family. hey are a growing business with a new design center and continue to look at ways to evolve their business to provide quality results for their clients.  Lavan is built on honest hardworking people that you get to know and care about because they in kind care about you and your home!



So, while Lavan was not the least expensive option we had, we felt they were ultimately the best based on consideration of the entirety of the proposal reviews and our interview process.  We were very pleased in our project collaboration and the overall product turned out very much how we envisioned.  We were, and continue to be, very pleased with the “new” home we created by working with the Lavan team.



I cannot say enough about the high quality of work performed to date by Lavan Construction.   I hired Lavan Construction to help design and build a new kitchen for my 1950’ era home.  I asked Lavan and three other contractors come out to do a walk through and estimate for the remodel.  Lavan was the only firm to do an in depth interviews of my wants and needs before coming back with a plan and associated cost estimate.  


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