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When it comes to realizing the vision for your dream home or office space in San Francisco, the design-build approach by Lavan Construction offers a seamless, integrated pathway from concept to completion. Embracing the vibrant spirit and diverse architectural landscape of San Francisco, our design-build services blend innovative design with meticulous construction to create spaces that not only meet the distinct style and functional needs of our clients but also complement the unique character of the Bay Area.

At Lavan Construction, we understand that the foundation of a successful design-build project lies in a harmonious client-builder relationship. Our dedicated team in San Francisco is committed to a collaborative process, engaging with you every step of the way. From the bustling city center to the serene bay shores, we ensure your project resonates with the essence of its surroundings, all while adhering to the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency.

Our approach is holistic – we manage every detail, from initial sketches to the final touches of the build-out, ensuring that your vision is our blueprint. We take pride in our ability to navigate San Francisco's unique building codes, historical considerations, and environmental regulations, transforming challenges into beautifully executed solutions.

With Lavan Construction, expect nothing less than a tailored, stress-free journey to your new space. As you step into the world of possibilities with our design-build services in San Francisco, you're not just building a property—you're crafting a legacy. Let's bring the dream of your ideal space to life, with the assurance that every element is designed with intention and built to perfection.


In the heart of San Francisco, Lavan Construction stands out as a beacon of innovation and client dedication in the design-build industry. Our unique edge is twofold:


1. Integrated Craftsmanship: We are not just builders; we are artisans of space. Our integrated craftsmanship philosophy means that the designer who sketches your vision and the builder who lays the bricks are synchronized in purpose and passion. This fusion of art and construction not only streamlines the process but ensures that every architectural line and functional space tells your story, harmonizing with San Francisco’s eclectic aesthetic.

2. Sustainable Innovation: At Lavan Construction, we're pioneering eco-friendly design-build practices in San Francisco. We embrace the city's progressive stance on environmental responsibility by incorporating sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs. Our projects stand as landmarks of green innovation, contributing to a healthier planet and setting new standards for modern living in one of the world's most environmentally conscious cities.

sketch plan of design build in San Francisco CA
client communication design build in San Francisco CA
blueprints of design build in San Francisco CA


Fahid and Moein are a father and son team who have built a successful one-stop-shop construction company in San Francisco California. Fahid founded the company in 1982, and in 2016, Moein took over as the company's leader, bringing a fresh perspective and a unique construction approach. Together, they have grown the company to be the fastest-growing construction company in the area.


budget design build servcies in San Francisco CA


In the realm of design-build, Lavan Construction tailors each project to align with your financial goals, expertly navigating budget development to deliver exceptional value without compromising on quality.

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We deftly handle permitting and regulatory requirements, ensuring that every aspect of your project adheres to San Francisco's complex zoning laws and construction regulations.

construction help in design build services in San Francisco CA


With our hands-on construction management, your project benefits from meticulous oversight, guaranteeing that every stage of construction is executed with precision, meeting our exacting standards and your highest expectations.



Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions


Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions


Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions

Crafting interiors that reflect your style and elevate comfort, Transforming exteriors into captivating, timeless architectural expressions


Uncover the TRUE cost

  • Meet at Lavan's Sunnyvale showroom

  • Project discussion and assessment

  • City ordinance and permit analysis

  • Price analysis using Lavan's Proprietary platform

  • Timeline and progress discussion


Site Inspection

  • Site visit for additional details

  • Price review and adjustments


Formal Agreement

  • Presentation of Lavan's official offer

  • Contract and details presentation

  • Agreement signing

  • Project start date scheduling


Smooth Execution

  • Create a Slack channel

  • Continue all communication on the platform

  • Homeowner enjoys a smooth project experience


Interior and Exterior Finishes

  • Exterior Work

  • Interior Finishes


Quality Control, Inspections, and Client Handover

  • Quality Assurance

  • Regulatory Inspections

  • Client Walkthrough

  • Documentation and Handover


1. What is Design-Build construction?

Design-Build is a construction project delivery method where a single entity, known as the Design-Build firm, manages both the design and construction phases of a project. This approach offers clients a streamlined, collaborative, and more efficient process.

2. What are the benefits of choosing Design-Build for my project?

Design-Build offers benefits such as faster project delivery, cost savings, single-point accountability, enhanced communication, and the ability to make real-time adjustments to the project during construction.

3. How do I choose a Design-Build firm for my project?

Selecting the right Design-Build firm involves evaluating their experience, expertise, portfolio, and reputation. It's crucial to choose a firm that has a proven track record in similar projects and aligns with your project goals.





It was a big project and we were very anxious. But overall we had a great experience with them. Lavan (Fahid and Moein in particular) listened to our needs, took accountability and even improved their process based on feedback. 



We hired Lavan for a massive remodel & addition that took 6.5 months and I echo much of what other reviewers have said - they are trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable, and good with consistent communications.



Working with Moein, Fahid and their team was a dream come true. We had a ton of work to do to make our new home move-in ready and Lavan surpassed our expectations on every dimension.


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