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Discovering Historic Distinctions Along Historic Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA

One of the most distinctive features of Historic Murphy Avenue is its diverse architecture. On the Avenue, early 20th-century wood-framed homes spanning various architectural styles can be found. The first style of home to emerge on the street is the Craftsman bungalow. These two-story residences feature large front porches and tapered columns, signaling the birth of Murphy Avenue. Nearby, Vernacular Ranch homes from the 1950s-1970s built up the rest of Murphy Avenue. Houses also range from modest structures to grand, two-story abodes. Information can be found here.


On top of the rich architectural heritage lies a bustling business core—businesses on Historic Murphy Avenue range from quaint antique stores to longtime favorite eateries. The avenue is home to the first sit-down restaurant in Sunnyvale, La Cuesta.  This resident's favorite has provided comfort food for over sixty years.  If a more affordable meal is needed, the Avenue is also home to various Chinese restaurants, including Taipei Star Taiwanese Restaurant and Chabu-X. For those looking for retail therapy, Murphy Avenue is full of finds. Dragon Art, a gift shop specializing in handmade jewelry, artwork, and clothing, has provided unique gift options since opening in 1994. Bloom & Fleur, an Instagram-worthy flower shop, has also blossomed on the avenue. See here for information about Immerse Yourself in the Cultural Tapestry at Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum in Sunnyvale, CA.

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Historic Murphy Avenue is a great place to explore. Every Sunday, Historic Murphy Avenue hosts an outdoor market. Vendors range from a local farm stand selling organic crops to antique sellers. The market provides a unique setting to the already lively Historic Murphy Avenue. In addition, the farmer's market allows residents to support the local economy by buying fresh, sustainable food.

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