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Exploring the Magic of California's Great America in Sunnyvale, CA

There is no doubt that California Great America is one of the most beloved theme parks in the United States, providing family-friendly fun that brings people back to the Bay Area year after year. Located in Sunnyvale, California, on the northeast corner of the Bay Area, this amusement park is just a few miles away from San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Filled with various thrilling rides, roller coasters, and water slides, California Great America provides a haven for all sorts of fun for the entire family. Learn more here.


The magic of California Great America begins the moment you enter the theme park. Before you even start your day of exploration, you can enjoy some great shows from the Apollo Theater, including live musical performances. The costumed staff will also create a unique atmosphere, bringing the entire park alive with music and laughter. Learn more about Discovering Historic Distinctions Along Historic Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA.

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After taking in the sights and sounds of the park, it’s time to tackle some of the most thrilling rides and roller coasters. California Great America combines a mix of classic attractions, such as Gold Striker, a wooden roller coaster that stretches almost 4,000 feet of track, and an extreme coaster called Flight Deck. And InvadR, a wooden roller coaster that takes you on a wild journey of twists and turns.


From there, California Great America offers more than a dozen other rides and attractions. Air Racer, Boomerang, Bumper Boats, Drop Tower, and Logger’s Run are just a few of the other passages that add to the park's fun. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix on rides such as Patriot, a steel roller coaster that reaches heights of up to 115 feet, and Vortex, a looping roller coaster that will send you on a dizzying pendulum adventure.

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