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Pickleball Courts in Sunnyvale, CA, are Raising Athletes' Spirits

Residents in Sunnyvale, California, have something to smile about as new pickleball courts are under construction. Over the past few months, the Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation department has been hard at work developing pickleball courts that promise to be world-class. What makes pickleball so unique? The game is excellent for all ages, as it can be enjoyed casually or competitively. It is an exciting and physical game in which players use racquets to hit a ball over a net, similar to what is found in tennis. It has been gaining in popularity due to the ease of play and the lively spirit created in its games. Learn more here.

The Sunnyvale sites are so remarkable because the city has allocated many resources to make them stand out from the rest. Each court features two lines that run parallel to each other down the center of the court, creating two separate playing fields where 2-4 players can play simultaneously. In addition, the courts offer a generous amount of space, specifically 40' x 60' courts marked to allow up to four players to play doubles or up to six players to play singles. Mid-court boundaries are also included so that games can be played with or without using the full court. Pickleball courts are also made with an optimal playing surface – the same kind used in the USA Pickleball National Championships.  Learn more about A Journey Around Washington Park in Sunnyvale: A Magical Experience.

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When it comes to court clinics and competitions, Sunnyvale offers them. The city sponsors pickleball clinics weekly so interested players can take advantage of free instruction from trained professionals. The clinics are a great way to stay abreast of the latest pickleball rules and strategies. Competitions are also a frequent occurrence. The City of Sunnyvale Parks and Recreation Department works closely with local tournaments to bring the highest caliber of play to the area. Two of the city's most popular games are the Santa Clara County Pickleball Classic and the Santa Clara County Open. These tournaments attract players from all over the region, creating an exciting and spirited atmosphere. These events provide an ideal place to start for those seeking the thrill of competition.


In addition to the pickleball courts, the city also builds courts for badminton and basketball. These courts all feature modern amenities and are constantly kept in pristine condition. This makes them ideal spots for athletes of all ages, genders, and experience levels to come together and enjoy active recreation. The new pickleball courts in Sunnyvale are a great way to get involved with a fun and active sport. The courts are ideally suited for those just starting and those more experienced and looking to compete. The courts are sure to become a hot spot for those that enjoy the thrill and action of pickleball.

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